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Zoë Dooley

In 2003 Leeds born Zoë Dooley started her La Jolie Ronde French and Spanish classes in and around the area with a very limited number of classes so as to fit around the school run and pick up of her 3 very young children.  Fast forward 10 years.  Zoë now runs an established and thriving business, Language Learners, offering both French and Spanish classes for 0-11 years olds.  Today, with her network of tutors, Zoë currently teaches classes in the Yorkshire area in nurseries, primary schools and open centres.

A little bit about my background

Zoë’s love of languages began when she was 7 and her family moved to France with her Father’s work and then after 5 years the family moved again this time to Italy.  Schools were in the local village where no English was spoken so it was a matter of 'learn French or you won't have many friends'! she became fluent very quickly.  Zoë returned to England in her late teens but now with a passion for languages and different cultures. ‘I am privileged to spend my “working day” speaking French, singing song, telling stories and playing games.  I adore sharing my enthusiasm for languages’

Deborah Duffy

My passion for French started at a young age when my parents took me to France for holidays. We travelled along the beautiful coastlines, making new friends on the way, and acquiring a new pen pal with every trip. I quickly learned how to listen, to repeat, and to ask for help when I wanted to say something. French came quite easily to me at school, thanks to a good head start, and so GCSEs, A-levels and a degree in French were a logical progression. I loved my first job after university, working for a French company, and managing the set-up of a team in the UK. Every day brought new and exciting challenges, and I was speaking French every day! Years later, when my daughter was a toddler, I discovered La Jolie Ronde! She learned quickly, and I was impressed with the way French was taught. Together my little girl and I attended the tots group until she went to school, when I continued taking my little boy! I started teaching for La Jolie Ronde in 2007, and have been enjoying it ever since. I think that language learning in early years is a wonderful gift to offer children, and hope that the children I teach will grow up with the same enthusiasm for French language and culture, and the same advantage in learning that my parents gave me as a little girl.

Lisa Green

Lisa's love of languages began as a child when she was introduced to French, German and Spanish at school.  She went on to study French and German with business and has lived and worked in both Germany and France.

After working for an international cruise company in Paris for two years, Lisa spent the next twelve years in London where she continued to combine her languages and marketing experience working for a number of multinational companies.

Lisa returned to her hometown of Leeds after starting a family and decided to share her knowledge and passion for languages by becoming a La Jolie Ronde French tutor. "I can honestly say I love my job, the children I teach are so enthusiastic and it's lovely to see how much they enjoy learning a new language."

Bethy Richardson

Her name, Bethy Richardson, isn’t a giveaway, but she is really French! Born in Saumur (Vallée de la Loire) where most of her family still lives, she grew up near Valence (département de la Drôme) where you can already smell the air of Provence. “Yes, I do miss the weather but I have two gorgeous sons and a wonderful husband who make it well worth the West Yorkshire clouds! “ she also adds “ I have been teaching French to nursery and primary school children for 5 years now and it has become so much more than just a job . It is such a great opportunity to share some of my culture with children hungry to know about my country. I love it!”. Before settling in Leeds 12 years ago, where she worked for the French department of an international company, Bethy worked and lived in Valence for a PR agency, after graduating from a business school. She enjoyed living in Seattle, USA and in Bremen , Germany during her gap year. “Travelling and learning languages surpass vocabulary and grammar. It is a rich life experience well worth passing on.”

Irmina Dulniak

As a teenager Irmina dreamed about great journeys, visiting amazing places, meeting wonderful people and learning their rich cultures. It all came true when every Summer she would pack her sac-à-dos and travel from Poland for adventures discovering France. Her passion for French has flourished at the Catholic University of Lublin (Poland), where she studied Languages (French, Spanish) and graduated in 2005 with Master degree and specializations in Literature, French of Economy and Finances, Pedagogy (Qualified Teacher). She also studied French, Literature and Spanish at Nanterre University – Paris X. Irmina settled in the U.K. in 2006, she has started a new adventure being a Mum to a little boy, and also becoming an artist. With LJR, her passion for languages and creative approach come together in a new exciting way. It’s amazing how much our children can learn through fun!

Margarida Joyce

Margarida grew up on the Island of Madeira.  She is Portugese and half brazilian.  Her father had lived in Spain so Spanish was also spoken at home.  'I loved speaking lots of different languages as a child, Languages has always been part of my life!'  Margarida studied at Madeira University in Languages, she speaks Spanish, French, Portuese, Italian and English, and has enjoyed travelling to all these countries.  Margarida settled in Yorkshire and for the past 16 years has tutored to adults and children. Since 2015 she has taught with Languages Learners  'Each week, I look forward sharing my passion for languages with my pupils in the French and Spanish classes that I teach.  I am able to share my childhood experiences, which my pupils find facinating and interesting'  

Joanne Forbes

After developing a love for languages and foreign culture/travel through learning languages at school and taking part in school exchanges, I went on to study French, German and Spanish at the University of Salford.  This included working at a multinational telecoms company in Paris and a tobacco manufacturers in Hamburg.  After graduating, I had my first real experience of teaching at a Primary school in Quebec, teaching English as a foreign language to 9-13yr olds.  Whilst I always grew up wanting to teach, my career took an unexpected turn which saw a move to The Netherlands and an opportunity to learn a new language!  My work as an IT recruitment consultant saw me living in Eindhoven for almost 5yrs dealing with clients in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany before moving to Frankfurt for a further 2.5yrs establishing a new office for the company.  Remarkably in this time I managed to meet my husband-to-be who came from my hometown so whilst I said I would never move back to England, I ended up back in Yorkshire!  After working 5yrs in an educational technology company and having two lovely girls I decided to  pursue my passion for teaching languages again.  And so, since 2013 have taught French and Spanish to 3-12yr olds and loved it!

Olivia Graham 

Hello, my name is Olivia Graham and I have been teaching at La Jolie Ronde since June 2015. I am a French native and I live in North Yorkshire with my husband and my 3 young children who are all bilingual. I am also a qualified French secondary school teacher, and have worked both in primary and secondary schools.
I am also a keen artist, and although I have less time to paint (my passion) nowadays, I enjoy creating lots of resources for my teaching at la Jolie Ronde and for my own children too! 
I look forward to teach your children my native language with lots of singing, dancing and games. A bientôt
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